This book is a guide to the art and science of fixing leaks and clogs.

Imagine waking with the sound dripping water. It’s 3AM and you’re aware that something is amiss. The smallest drip can grow into a flood if not checked. Welcome to life as an emergency plumber.

Though you may think that plumbers deal only with clogged faucets or toilets, their job is actually much more complex. Plumbing is a complex job that involves a lot of work. From installing complicated heating systems to repairing broken pipes in the middle winter, plumbers are the unsung heros who keep our houses running smoothly.

For a moment, let’s talk tools. Have you ever seen an electrician’s toolbox before? It looks like an old treasure chest, filled with pliers, pipe-cutters, wrenches, and many other gadgets. Each tool has its specific use. As an example, an auger works well to clear out stubborn clogs within your drains. Pipe wrenches will help you grip and turn those stubborn pipes.

Imagine the following: You are hosting Thanksgiving when suddenly your drain stops working. As you imagine how your guests will react to the idea of washing their dishes in the bath, panic begins to set in. Enter the knight in shining pants, armed with little more than expertise and elbow grease.

Quick anecdote. When my friend Sarah ignored a minor water leak under the kitchen sink, her entire basement flooded. When she finally called the plumber, her damage was extensive and expensive. Moral of the tale? Never underestimate small leaks.

Do you know about the big problem of tree root invasions in sewer lines. The problem is just as bad it sounds. Those roots are a major cause of blockages and require specialized equipment. Plumbers use cameras for inspection of these hidden problem spots before deciding which course of action to take.

But don’t forget about the hot water heating system! These massive beasts are indispensable for modern living. However, they can be temperamental. The winter months are not the best time to be experiencing cold showers. Plumbing professionals can quickly diagnose the problem so you get back to warm baths.

A second interesting fact: Didn’t you know that plumbing professionals play a key role in ensuring safe water to drink? Installing backflow-prevention devices prevents contaminated and clean water from mixing, which is important for areas prone flooding or heavy rainfall.

You’re not done yet! Commercial work is also available, which includes large-scale jobs like hospitals or schools where accuracy is important due to the high stakes.

You can save money by investing in regular plumbing maintenance.

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